How does having a regular massage treatment affect my physical body & my state of wellbeing?

How does massage help?

The Relaxation Response:

The relaxation response is an involuntary yet predictable response of the nervous system to specific massage techniques & the power of therapeutic touch.

In a massage treatment when you feel comfortable & cared for in a safe environment your body will automatically respond to the soothing effects of therapeutic treatment initiating a physiological change towards a state of relaxation.

The relaxation response is a state which your heart & breathing rate slow, your blood pressure goes down, your production of stress hormones decrease & your body relaxes. The relaxation response also effects the levels of serotonin, which is a chemical in the brain which has a positive effect your emotions.

The relaxation response may decrease the physical effects of stress & reduce the risks associated conditions from stress, such as hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, persistent fatigue just to name a few.

The Mechanical Response:

The physical manipulation of massage reduces painful contracted muscles or muscle spasm by utilizing specialised techniques and the application of a range of different pressure during the treatment. Even by providing a gentler treatment with lighter pressure, the deeper muscles can be affected & benefit from providing relief & release to the tight & constricted superficial layers of muscle. Organs can also benefit from massage as they share the same neurological pathway with muscles. When muscles are chronically distressed, sometimes this can cause distress & disfunction of underlying organs.

Massage does not have to be a torture session to achieve improved function, better alignment or reduce pain.

Massage by a skilled & experienced massage therapist can provide the right balance of treatment to calm the nervous system & ease pain or discomfort across your entire body.

Massage is an effective & holistic treatment that can help you live your best life.

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